I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life.
One moment I’m consumed by depression, the next, I’m alive.

I wish I were less complicated and a little bit nice.
Try as I might, sometimes I can’t stop peppering my statements with white lies.

I wish I were easier to love, easier to be with.
One moment I’m calm, the next, I’m a crazy b*tch.

I wish I were hard to let go of, I wish I were indispensable.
But that’s impossible, because half the time I’m insensible.

I wish I had someone who’d fight for me,
But that’s just crazy because nobody would want a freak.

I wish I were happier in my own skin,
Not having to compete with everyone and everything.

I wish I had some peace.
I’d give anything. Just to have a bit.

Dear Santa, this is all I wish for.


19 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Sooch, sweet girl,

    I’ll take this four; the others will come true with the passage of time, and the growth of your own experience…

    “I wish I were hard to let go of, I wish I were indispensable.”

    I’ll say this once. You are loved, not just by me, but, obviously, by many….. “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your own.” — Robert Heinlein Now you are in my life, and this is true, then you have, if no one else, at least one person for whom both are true, so, that one is covered….

    “I wish I had someone who’d fight for me,”


    Easy money. See the first comment, and, realize I’ve been in more fights than most people can count. Fighting for a loved one comes naturally….I know you mean a BFF, or a partner, but, those comes with patience, and, when we stop looking for them.

    “Not having to compete with everyone and everything.”

    Simple: you don’t. Stop choosing to do so. Go read the Desiderata again….The answer to this is right there…

    “I wish I had some peace.”

    Gautama Buddha answered this question over 2000 years ago, when a man said to him, “I want peace.” Buddha said, “Take out the word ‘I’, that’s ego. Take out the word ‘want’. That is desire. All you have left is peace.”

    Look inside for that one; it’s always there, somewhere….

    By the way, it’s a beautiful poem; very personal and real…. and, it rhymes! Good job on that..

    gigoid the dubious


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