Him: “I don’t like Christmas. At all. I don’t see the point. It’s become a commercial thing more than anything else. Like, buying people a bunch of things they don’t need. Why can’t they just donate that money to the animal shelter? That’s something I can understand. Why would you want to buy me a shirt? Or like, socks? I’ve got 20,0000. I’m not getting anyone anything. Or letting them buy me stuff. Duh.”

Her: “You got me stuff! I saw you hide the box when I got here.”

Him: *winks* “Shhh. Nobody has to know. You’re not just ‘people.’ And it’s not for Christmas.”

Her: “What’s it for? ‘All hail wifey’ kinda thing?”

Him: “Mostly. I didn’t mention anything about Christmas in the card.”

Her: “You got me a card?”

Him: “And a journal. ‘Cause you like that stuff. My little writer. It’s got a heart on it. ‘Cause you’ve my heart, so why not?”

Her: “Awwwwwww. C’mere, you.”




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