Why is it wrong that some days I just… want to be left alone? Like, read a book, eat some cranberry-oatmeal cookies, wash it all down with a swig of hot chocolate mocha? And in general, enjoy some ‘me’ time and try to grab all the good chi floating around like the Bilbbering Humdinger that Luna always goes on about? (What’s up, Harry Potter reference?)

Apparently, it’s a bad thing. 

I should have known. When I chose to put my life out there on a very public domain, I shoulda known. Moving on.

I recently got this pretty mint green lace yoke shirt that looks SO good on, and I had to wear it – it was broad daylight so I couldn’t really go with too much sparkle, but anyway…

As usual, I started with a clean and primed face. Moved on to my brows and filled them in ever so slightly before priming my lids.

I’m OBSESSED with Urban Decay shadows and I’ve been using the Vice 4 palette so much I’ve made a dent in some of the shadows. For the brow bone highlight, I used Framed, a beautiful matte cream color; Bitter, a taupey shade, as the transition color; Flame, an orange-red duo chrome shade with loads of glitter in it and finally, Underhand, which has to be my favorite cranberry shade in the whole world, in the outer ‘V’.

1. Framed. 2. Bitter. 3. Flame. 4. Underhand.


I skipped the liner as an afterthought, and added some black eyeliner to both the top and bottom waterlines, just tight lining the whole thing. 

For foundation, I went in with my trusty old Makeup Forever HD foundation. All that hype about this foundation? Totally JUSTIFIED. AND MORE.

For my concealer to hide those bags under the eyes, I went in with the NARS radiant creamy concealer in Ginger.

I warmed up my face a little bit with The Balm’s Betty Lou Manizer which I love. For the blush, I used ColourPop’s Girl Power.

And I’m not very familiar with baking nor contouring, so I slightly dabbed on some luminizer. Mine’s from Buxom (lol, the name!)

For the lipstick, I used Kat von D everlasting liquid lipstick in Double Dare and went over that with Melted Nude by Too Faced. 

Finally, I set the whole thing with the All Nighter makeup setting spray by Urban Decay.

And here’s the finished look! (I can only take photos next to this window – where the light is best.)


Do y’all like my STFU SATURDAY series? How’s your week been?


15 thoughts on “STFU Saturday – #2

      1. Haha it doesn’t seem like a 10 min break for makeup..any way nor arguments…I know shoes are some eye-catching stuffs during party’s ..difficult part is it should match the outfit I guess:)

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  1. Clinical, studies, creb cycles, ATP, mitochondria, organelles, axon terminals, portal circulation, LDL/HDL, hypertension, grey matter, origin/insertion points, distal/proximal, motor units, etc.,etc,etc……when do you have time for all of that little miss India??….. of course the pic is fab

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      1. Little miss India…. weed can’t kill you. It’s the most versatile of plants/ the plant can be used in it’s entirety…. your pizza will kill you first but I need more pics before you eat another slice

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