Have you ever had an online relationship and the person you were dating couldn’t tell other people about you – for fear of being judged? Have you been that one best kept secret? 

I have.

It’s disheartening. Him hiding presents you’ve mailed him so his family doesn’t find out. You’d think with the Internet progressing to crazy levels, you’d be someone your partner would be flaunting the crap out of. You wouldn’t be more wrong.


If you’ve read Gone Girl, I’m sure you remember that one line Amy Eliott-Dunne mentions in her diary:

It must be liberating: being the woman whose presents are bought in cash.

Liberating, yes. But only when you’re the other woman. (Which is totally wrong in the first place – and yet people judge less as compared to if you’re in a relationship with someone you’ve never met.) If you’re the only one in his life, and he’s still not telling people, and you’re a secret, it’s not even right. I don’t blame the guy here, I don’t. Not even a teensy bit. I blame everyone else. Everyone else that’s always said, “Oh you’re in an INTERNET RELATIONSHIP? Just how the crap does it even work? Are you for real?”

My question is, why is it not real? Nobody has issues with arranged marriages. Which basically involves having sex with a person you’ve only just met. Nobody has issues with anything. So why is an internet relationship “not real”? Why must the two people that’s in it keep the whole thing under wraps? Why won’t anyone be more accepting?

Now, I agree that people turn out to be Catfish and you might end up getting hurt. But what if the person you’re dating is the real deal?

I know this happens a lot.

In my opinion, Internet relationships that graduate into “real ones” with the couple ending up getting married to each other, is proof of a stronger love than anything else compared. To be able to stay loyal despite the miles, to love and trust in each other completely – that’s some good ish.

Why is an internet relationship great? Because,  a):

'Nuff said.

When do you think soceity would start to actually accept internet relationships? Without freaking out about it? Or am I just an idiot to believe in things that I believe in? Help me out here.


11 thoughts on “Why is It Not Real?

  1. My husband and I met off of a dating website. We talked for a couple of weeks before we actually met. We still have people criticize us cause of how we met. Who cares! If it wasn’t for the internet I would have never met my best friend and father of my child. I don’t understand why some people are so against internet relationships. Its the new way to connect with others and to date.

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  2. In my opinion, if he’s not telling anyone because he’s afraid of what they might say, he’s at fault also. He needs to man up and not be ashamed. I know internet relationships work as long as it’s leading towards meeting, etc.

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      1. I don’t think it’s my place to say, I don’t know your relationship and what it consists of. However, I would think if a man loves me, he wouldn’t be afraid to tell others regardless of the circumstances. He’s afraid of them being “mean” ? What are we…Ten? I apologize for being so straight forward, I don’t know how to be any other way. I was in an internet relationship once, I was a teenager, and I was in this same situation is all I’m saying.

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