I need to shut up.
I cause every mess up.
I’m a harbinger of trouble.
I take complication, make it double.
What’s wrong with my piehole?
I talk and talk and talk crap galore.
It’s like I have no control anymore.
Wait a second, did I ever, before?
I don’t think so, no.
I’ve hurt a lot of people for sure.
At that point I thought that yeah,
Let me write WTF Wednesdays for the crap they said!
But oh no no no no
It’s all me. I’m the cow. I’m the bore.
Who knows, I’m probably an emotional whore
Who doesn’t know what she’s doing anymore.
As 2015 comes to an close
Dang we have only ten days to go
I never realized where it went
I feel like all I’ve done is rant and vent,
All of it pointless. All of it a waste.
My God, I’m such a state.
I hope 2016 will be okay
Not as dull and mundane as it’s been so far, everyday.


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