I ran out of stuff to rant about. Mostly because I’ve been running a temperature all day. The one day that I have the day off? I fall sick.

Uh it’s actually my fault.

I ate a whole entire pizza all my myself and I tend to throw up with I go heavy on the cheese. So. I’m sure you’ve all been there, and done that.

What I’ve been doing all of Christmas Eve is sleeping on my belly – because my Kardashian buttcheek still hurts like crazy. And rehydrating. What a bummer. Seems like I got sick a lot this year. Which is NOT good. Pins and needles all over.

How do y’all react when you fall sick on that one off day?

I’m in fact so sick, I can’t even play with my makeup. That’s a bummer.


15 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Block.

  1. mmmmm a whole pizza. It’s worth it Sorry it’s your day off. The best thing to do when you’re sick on your day off is practice self loathing and self recrimination for things you can’t control. It’s a wonderful misery. I hope you feel better and can enjoy some of your time off.

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      1. Sorry that’s rough. I’m too much of a binger I always have to be careful and pay attention. I call it GoldFishing where I eat so much I end up floating upside down at the top of the tank. I hope you can rest a little and let things settle.

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