There’s this guy I work with. He puts the scary in ‘tall, dark and handsome.’ And this guy happens to keep asking me out. I’ve told him in a gazillion different ways that I’m not interested, but he just won’t listen.

So the other day he asked me what I was up to and I replied, “Pole dancing in Greenland.” Now, most guys would have run for the hills. Not this one. No, this one wants to stay attached to my hip. He wouldn’t even budge even when I mentioned that I happened to be engaged to a seven-foot-tall retina specialist. Nada.

He calls at ungodly hours. And when I don’t answer, he texts, “You’ve no feelings! You’re heartless.” Why do guys do this? Act clingy and blame the girl? When she doesn’t even like him?! This is the problem with most Indian men. They assume you wanna get cosy if you so much as say hi. Goodness. And this leads to so much drama!

Anyway. So yesterday, I was at lunch with my best friend and my Mum and this guy kept calling. My friend got so mad, he answered the phone. In his best British accent. (It’s actually posh, him being a Londoner and all.) No response from the other end.

The guy hung up and called again so I picked up. And he asked who’d answered my phone. I said it was my boyfriend who’d come down to visit me. From Texas. How ridiculous is that situation? A Texan with a British accent.

Obviously my game was up in 30 seconds. Now I need a can of glitter pepper spray. Glitter, for obvious reasons.


29 thoughts on “Why I Need Glitter Pepper Spray

  1. omg … glitter pepper spray – i love it! but ew he sounds so annoying! i hate guys like that, they see everything as flirting or playing games so whatever you do they just delude themselves into thinking its because you want them…great post!

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  2. Hold on, had to re read it and finally comment, you said “a seven foot tall retina specialist.Nada” You´re a funny girl.
    This guy is a wussy, whatever happened to patience and let the girl be a bit intrigued and catch the subtle or sometimes not so subtle tale tales that she wants something. Apart from being a wussy because in my life I could imagine myself first calling a girl so many times if I see no interest from her part and second texting after calling those crazy girly messages? Screw that. Plus didn´t this guy get the part that if you don´t answer the phone is probably because you don´t want nothing with him, and then he textes….that reminds me of some guys I know that are very possesive with their girls, although they can go out whenever and with whomever including girls but if the HIS girl does the same, the guy goes ballistic. I see it as just as possesing another person not having really any affection for that person, if a bit of affection was there you would let her live her life, if she doesn´t cheat on you that is.

    I will add also, that it is also true from certain type of girls that have that possesive personality, cause my crazy ass ex girlfriend( if you could call her girlfriend) was one of those. Every time I went out with friends or to my job she would call asking me where I´m at and with whom, screw that! She was good in the sack but I couldn´t tolerate that crap. Plus it went slowly escalating, and at the second month with this nutcase I said, sheeeeeeeeeew!- That was me running out the door.

    To the point, these are possesive and normally narcisistic personalities (they tend to go hand in hand). And they´re toxic relationships if you get involved with those type of people.

    Damn, long comment.

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      1. And if I told you the whole story you would probably wouldn´t believe it, the conclusión was that I was with a “pshychopath-narcissist” Her personality fits perfectly with those names. Google it if you want and then tell me not Holy but Holy!!!!! And it took me two freaking months to think that this was going not resolved or she would change but it was going for the worst so one I realised that out I went. A bit slow mover to tell you the truth, I should have capture it earlier on and get the hell out of there, but those people are very good at deception and slowly incrementing their fucked up plans, but when I saw what this girl truly was running is an understatement I think I flew out of there

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      2. Here in Spain, as are the laws the women are always right, they actually have build whole courts that are called “violence against women” they even have a special pone for so called abused women which now abuse if you put on a spanish t.v channel it´s a constant barrage of ad´s paid by the government, or me the tax payer, that are constantly talking about the abused women and for example if i say to a girl “you stupid, that doesn´t make a fucking sense” she can actually call the 116 number and send me to court for making her feel bad. It´s has really become a war against man here, and these type´s of girls who know the system since she has been running around with drug dealers since age 13, never held a job, so she knows how the system Works and she know how to work the system. This I found out at the end of month 2 and said by. But yes, the only time I put a hand on her was when she appeared on the bedroom door with a knife, I jumped on her and reduced her to the ground, took the knife away and walked out to never be seen again.
        The laws here for women are crazy, ther are a bunch of cases of battered woman and I think those guys should pay the price but in quite a lot of instances women do take advantage of the law and literally can put you in jail. I have a friend that has lost custody of his kid because the woman said he had threatened her. Just her word, not the kids word. Her word and now he´s spending a bunch of dough not only paying her child support but paying the attorneys to get to see his own child. I know this guy well and I know the other bitch well, she´s quite the coniving one, and she´s making his life miserable.
        The laws against battered women is great, but it also would be great to have a balance and when people in general, in this casse women, see they have so much power over the man, people do tend to abuse that power, specially bad people.

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  3. Ughh… some guys can be so annoying… I feel your pain having faced something similar a few years back. They just don’t get that you aren’t interested, do they? I say tell that guy you are already hooked and booked 😉

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