Apparently, suicide bombers have infiltrated the country and they’re planting to strike twenty different locations. Literal New Year with a bang. What’s wrong with everyone? Major WTF moment.

Meanwhile, I sent a friend of mine a late Christmas present and her mom read my name on the box wrong. So now I have a new name, y’all. It’s Lucy. Like the Neanderthal. Wow. I didn’t know I had Neanderthal genome. Moving on.

It’s almost the last day of the year, and I’m actually looking forward to 2016 – I shopandbox-ed a BUNCH of things and the shipping and handling killed my budget. It’s so expensive. India needs a well-stocked online Sephora. I think this is my 3673528273th time ranting about this.

One good thing that happened today – Wonderful Thing Friends (WTF) – was the fact that I went through my books and re-read The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth. And this time around, I did actually like the book. It took me five hours to finish this 340ish page book – with a host of interruptions – but I did it. I normally don’t read thrillers like this one, but I really enjoyed it. So, yay – I can cross out #17 off the Johnny Reads 2016 Reading Challenge!

Major achievement there.

Also, that’s my cup of green tea. Totally just cut back on the caffeine, starting today. Don’t want my heart exploding before I’m even 30.

How are y’all doing?


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