…that everyone’s gonna be putting up. You know. Wishing each other a happy 2016 and all that ish. And talking about their 2015 recap. Here’s mine. And I had a lot of firsts. The most important thing? I met a guy. An amazing guy. Sure it’s been rocky. But it should work, right? Love is a beautiful thing and I had lots to give – have lots to give – and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Before I jinx this, let’s quickly take a look at 2015, shall we?


January. I read Eleanor and Park. My first time reading Rainbow Rowell. And I fell in love. Which is an understatement, to be honest.

February. My first ever official All India Ophthalmic Soceity Conference. I had a name tag and everything. I won my first ever mock game show. (These conference people tend to host game shows. Which are so much fun.)


March. Little Rants happened.

April. I hit my first 100 on the blog.

May. I’d read all of Rainbow Rowell’s books. I read Fangirl twenty thousand times. Ananda went home to London and got me a bunch of candy and makeup and stuff from Harrod’s… *still dazed* which started my obsession with makeup. And it was also the first time losing a favorite relative.

June. Mum surprised me with cake at midnight which has never happened in all these years that I’ve lived. Go, Mum!

July. I gave up my anonymity completely on the blog. First name basis with everyone. 

August. Started my Instagram.


September. My first time at a concert. I went to see Poets of the Fall. They’re a Finnish rock band I’m obsessed with. Started fiction writing on the blog. Officially.

October.  Went home for the first time during the pujas, after what seemed like years. Did my first makeup look on the blog. *yikes*

November. 5000 followers on Instagram. Graduated from being a rant blogger to a lifestyle blogger. Woo hoo!

December. I GOT TWITTER! AND 13k followers on Instagram and only 700 something on the blog. Crazy. I need to work on my writing. I also started my first ever reading challenge. Also, almost died in a road traffic accident. Not important. What’s important is, I started eating healthy. And will keep at it come 2016! There’s something about cancerians and smoothie. I’m obsessed!


Thanks for the memories, 2015 – and 2016, please be kind to me and give me some flesh and blood friends that won’t kill me.


25 thoughts on “That One Post…

  1. Congratts love!! So proud that you are trending blogger on instagram! – The world should forget Cosmo and focus on Soochie! !keep rocking and ya I need to see more of your rants and rambles 💜😃😃

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  2. 13 k followers on Instagram… Wow, girl! You’ve got those selfie poses to a tee. When I take a seflie I look like a damn fool. Hence why I don’t do Instagram.

    Despite the near death experience with a motorbike, it looks like you’ve had a great year. And whats this about your mum bringing you cake at midnight… Your mum is a legend!

    Oh, and heres to another great year – may it bring you happiness, health and 13k more Instagram followers! 😀

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    1. You’re adorable! And hehe. I’m just playing with makeup randomly. And you don’t look like a fool. Ugh.

      Yes, I had a rock-sucky 2015 and she got me cake on my birthday at midnight!! Eeeeeeeee.

      And Thank youuuu for being so sweet! (Most of my instagram followers are crazy single guys. 😿😿😿 Even though makeup brands do like my photos!)

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      1. I was thinking about joining Instagram but then I thought about all those desperate single men looking at my pictures *shudder* …I mean, it’s kinda flattering, I guess…but a little unnerving at the same time.

        It’s cool that you’re trying new makeup looks though. I’m going to write an article on Instagram soon… the negatives. I hope you wont hate me forever…I know you’re a fan! And don’t get me wrong, I think you use it in the right way…Plus you’re super beautiful, so why the heck not! 🙂

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      2. You’ve to block a lot of hobos. Two, you’ve to cuss a lot. Three, you’ve to ABSOLUTELY REFRAIN from checking direct messages! Four, do not post full length photos too much. Ack.

        And I agree. Insta has more negatives than it does positives. People have no brains on there mostly. And we are all posting the randomest crap on earth. I swear!

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      3. I’ll make sure I talk about those points in my article. Great advice. Block the hobos… haha. That made me laugh.

        And yes… a lot of random crap, pretty much sums it up. “Here, look at my pancakes! They so prettty!” … You aren’t a foodographer, are you… Please tell me you aren’t a foodographer… I mean, I may have to disown you. Answer with caution.

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      4. Sounds like a great evening (erm, I meant morning) to me 🙂

        It’s 11.00 pm here and I’m drinking tea and catching up with all my favourite blogs. My bed is calling me though, so I should probably log off.

        Happy stalking! 😉

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  3. That is a whole lot of growth for a single person in a single year.
    I don’t mean to pry (BUT I WILL ANYWAY), but what were your resolutions for 2015? Those seem like some achieved resolutions.
    I’m just curious (SPILL THE DETAILSSS! SPILL!).

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