The Star of The Show!

Who else grew up obsessing over Enrique Iglesias? He’s one hot piece of arse. Wooooooooooah. So I was listening to this song of his while doing this very colorful, very un-Sooch-ish look, and one of the lines from that song got me thinking, that’d be a perfect title for this post! Yes, I’m weird that way.

I used the Electric palette by Urban Decay for this look. You’ll notice I’ve gone with purple brows. Which is something two billion MILES out of my comfort zone. But anyway, when you have the New Year’s day off…


The color I used for the brows is called Urban, which is the eyeshadow right in the middle, in the bottom row. Picked this baby up on an angled brush and set the whole thing with a clear brow gel. (Anastasia Beverly Hills makes the BEST brow stuff, as we all know.)

For the crease, I picked up Gonzo, a beautiful bright deep turquoise (top row, second from left), again on an angled brush and created a wing.

For the kids, I packed on Freak (bottom row, second from right), a warm toned minty green and possibly my favorite shadow in the palette, using a flat shader brush.

For the lower lashline, I picked up Jilted (second shadow from left, bottom row) and dragged it upwards slightly into the outer v.

To tie the whole look together, I blended out Gonzo in the crease with a fluffy blending brush.

For the brow bone and inner corner highlight, I used Revolt, the first shade from left, in the top row, for that shimmer and glow.

Finally, I added some mascara – I used the Lorac Pro Fiber one which is amazing.


For the rest of the face, I just used some Etude House BB cream, and added some Mary Lou Manizer highlight to the high points. (Who says you’ve to follow rules?)

And finally, I added some berry pink lipstick to finish the whole look. (I used Prague from the soft matte lip cream line by NYX.) Oooh and by the way, have you ever done something on an impulse and it felt so good afterwards? I just got rid of WhatsApp from my phone – deleted both my account and the app. And I gotta tell you, it feels effing liberating!

I look super weird.

I hope you liked my little riot of colors!


30 thoughts on “GRWM: Electric Eyes and a Big Mouth

      1. That´s my point, don´t you girls drive your self nuts with “preparing” to go out… you should keep in mind that there is the other human being, Man, that is waiting for you to get all prepared and the man has a ❤ , thank God I´m single and ready or actually do the mingle, you person are strange……

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      2. Because you I´m in 4 star hotel in vaction, haven´t slep yet and had some “aspirines” to keep me awake so there goes you cacke plus you are cute
        sort of like an evil canival that can shoot

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