I just realized I’ve changed so much over the past year. I mean, I would never swear on my blog unless I was doing fiction and one of my characters did it. But now? I swear all the time.

Also, I stopped saying my two favorite things – sucks bananas and what the badooshes – when did that happen?! This is so not me. Ugh.

Also, did you know that there are several fake profiles on Instagram? Guys pretending to be other people. Don’t get fooled. If it’s someone with horrible English, chances are they’re serial killers. From India. Or if you happen to get a direct message from a person claiming to be a director/modeling agency agent, be sure to check out his profile – most of them are almost always pimps.

This happened to me. Thank goodness I don’t accept DMs. *shudder*

I had to update this. The other post had some errors.

So Tanya got me a David Baldacci book as a New Year present, and I’m digging it. As usual, every King and Maxwell book that Mr. Baldacci has done is super GRIPPING and now I have no nails left because I’ve been chewing on them.

This book ticks off the Crime Novel bullet in the Johnny Reads 2016 Reading Challenge and I can’t wait more. (I might be deriving cheap thrills from beating John at his own challenge. Shh.)

Are y’all doing this challenge?


10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #25

  1. 2 important things, good that you started swearing and bad that you left out you two favourite sayings. They are quite origina. And a third, good to know that there is predators in Instagram, cause I always get a message from some dude saying I could be the next Brad Pitt….I donΒ΄t believe them.

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