Let’s begin, shall we? I’ll explain later.

Hair transplant.

Hairline lowering.

Brow lift.


Orbital decompression.


Jawline reduction.

Buccal fat reduction.


Breast implants.

Bariatric surgery.

Extensive lipo.


Cosmetic Procedures I will need:

Teeth whitening.

Chemical peel.

Skin lightening.

Q Tip Laser.

Laser hair removal.

Microderm abrasion.

I’ll never understand why people feel it’s okay to leave hate comments on random girls’ posts. Didn’t y’all watch Mean Girls? Calling someone ugly isn’t gonna make you beautiful. Calling someone names doesn’t make you a hero. I’ve talked about this so many times, and I hate how one hate comment, referring to my eyes as tomatoes just ends up ruining the rest of my day. No matter how many compliments a person gets, it’s always the hate comments that hang around for a long time.

All the procedures I mentioned earlier would not make me perfect, even if they pleased you. It would take away the thing that makes me, me. I don’t care if Kylie Jenner has officially taken over the world, I don’t approve of people giving me suggestions as to what surgical/cosmetic changes I should make to my body. And my face. My face is mine and none of your business. Got a problem with that?

Leave. But you won’t. Where would you get your cheap thrills from, if you did? I have something for you.


Surgeries/Procedures YOU will need:

None. You need to take a gun and put three bullets in you. Goodbye.


32 thoughts on “All The Surgeries I Will Ever Need…

  1. Wow! It always amazes me to see all the hate spreading all over the comment sections of Instagram. (One of the many reasons I’m not on it!) but to tell people that they need/should change things about themselves is bang out of order. Our flaws make us…well… Us! I’m not against cosmetic surgery, but it’s sad how every other person is changing themselves so dramatically to fit into this very limiting beauty ideal. And let’s face it, only Kylie can pull off those lips! 😳

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