I was at the library after ages and saw this really grossly fascinating thing.

Two pigeons. On top of one of the giant window rests. Having a good old jolly – for the lack of a better word – shag. I wasn’t sure where the pigeons came from, until my friend pointed it out to me. A crack in the uh, ventilators.

Even pigeons get a room.

(And some people don’t even.) Did you know that even pigeons fall asleep after doing it? I didn’t. My friend said, “Ooh, that went on for very long. Must be tired already.”

You know your life is crappy when the most happening thing that happens to you is being a voyeur and watching pigeons screw. I don’t have a photo. The pigeon police would arrest me.


44 thoughts on “Even Pigeons Have Fun

      1. Sorry, my dear.. there have been a few techi glitches along the way. Try again in a bit… and if it doesnt work… Well, I will just have to kick it out of the window (My computer, that is!)
        It’s driving me CRAY CRAY!

        But thank you. I really appreicate your concern. But this is me we’re talking about, of course I’ll be okay… and I hope things work out too. I’ve got everything crossed (The toes are starting to hurt now, though! Eeeek!)

        Ps; Are you clicking on my new blog… or is my old one still coming up?

        The new blog is;

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