I’m upset with y’all. NOBODY READ MY HONEST TO GOODNESS WTF WEDNESDAY FROM LAST NIGHT! Which I had to chuck. I mean, that post had TWO likes. Two likes, y’all. Lowest low ever. *cries like a freak* Moving on.

Have you ever looked at a couple and the dude looked super constipated because his girl happened to be super possessive?

So there’s this guy – we’ll call him T – I used to be really good friends with. And then this girl happened. The girl in question already has a boyfriend who’s madly in love with her. BUT she acts like she owns every dude on the planet, specifically T, and when T walked over to where S and I were hanging out, this girl just literally nearly ran after him and slapped him in the face. Just ’cause he came over to say hello. To us.


I mean, I get possessiveness, I do. I understand being possessive about your boyfriend is important, because dudes tend to run away unless you’ve got hold of them by the hair (#sarcasm) but this? It’s insane. These guys aren’t even dating and the crazy little girl is ball-crushing my friend. Like, who slaps a person for saying a very normal hello to another person? There’s a difference between caring and obsessively Queen-controlling. T is being LITERALLY HEN PECKED!

I think T needs help. I think this is one of those situations when you think you signed up for something and SOMETHING ELSE happens altogether. Just like, your phone going nuts with auto correct.


Also, how possessive should a person be? When does it become an obsession?


9 thoughts on “A Whole New Level

      1. Did I mention my middle name is doormat?
        On a serious note, I’m angry at the moment, so my response was more directed at that. I’m 20 years into this relationship, so I have learned to let the momentary feelings pass before making a rash decision…

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