If you’re following me on Twitter, you must have totally noticed that I go by Riot Girl. (Pauses for effect.) And I thought that this badass, “poisonous-looking” makeup was perfect for the whole entire riot girl image. Not that I’m a hardcore feminist or even a political nerd. But whatever.

I used the Electric and Vice 4 palettes by Urban Decay for this look. I’m just gonna walk you through the steps.

1. Fill in your brows. If you’ve got skinny brows, use a pencil to fill them in. You could even use a matte eyeshadow on an angled brush. If you’re dark haired, use a shade three times lighter. If you’ve got light brows, go three shades darker. This will add more dimension. Don’t go overboard, though. You don’t want sharpie brows. (Yikes.)

2. Use a matte cream shade and a sparkly silver one for the brow bone and inner corner highlights, respectively. (I used Framed from Vice 4 and Revolt from the Electric palette.)

3. Load up a fluffy brush with a matte hot/neon pink shade and work it into the cease and build it up. (I used a mix of Savage from the Electric palette and 1985 from the Vice 4.)

4. Use a flat shadow brush and pat on a neon, turquoise blue on to the lid. (Gonzo, Electric palette.)

5. Drag the pink shadow on to the lower lash line. Next, pick up a purple and darken the outer V. (Jilted, Electric palette.)

6. Finish off with a mean cat eye liner and loads of mascara. You can tightline both the upper and lower water lines if you wish to.


I kept the rest of the face minimal, only warming up the cheeks slightly. And tying the whole look together with a pinky nude lipstick. I’m wearing Mehr by MAC.

Yes you need a constipated face to go with the look.

The beautiful Tanya has a similar look up on her blog, if you’d like to check that out, she’s amazing at eye makeup!

Did y’all pass out from my face? 😂😂 I love you guys.


9 thoughts on “Riot of Colors

  1. Can I make a teeny tiny suggestion? Before putting on any coloured eyeshadows, run a deeper flesh toned eyeshadow on your crease and blend it upward. It’ll make a world of difference! Gorgeous colours by the way!

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