It’s less than a month to friggin’ Valentine’s day. Hold on a minute why I barf my eyeballs out.

Who thought it was a good idea to celebrate some obscure man’s whatever the ish, in a really big way, and call it Valentine’s day? Ugh.

Top five reasons why this whole concept sucks:

1. Who needs constant mollycoddling? I mean, I love my alone time. And…


2. The whole concept of a fat baby in a diaper and curls that shoots arrows into your butt? Um, how is this even cute? Arrows into your butt, hello? Ouchie. No. Thanks.


3. I like being grumpy. Take a tip from Kim Kardashian. No smiles, no wrinkles.


4. Cheese only looks good on pizza. All this stuff? Nuh uh.


5. Finally, I don’t believe in love, unless it’s defined by what I feel for Urban Decay. So.

I’m going to be doing a lot of anti-Valentine posts, so I need more haters on my troop! Kidding. Seriously though, who hates this crappy holiday? And all the commercialization? Tweet me!

I just got home today, so excuse my messed up schedule. I’ll try my best, though, to post on time. BTW the weather is freaking gross. And my feet have died. I’m gonna sleep now.


17 thoughts on “STFU Saturday – #4

  1. No smiles = no wrinkles…
    I live by this!!!

    And I totally agree, I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s always a complete and utter let down. (Apart that one time my husband whisked me away to Paris! ) fast forward 10 years and my husband gets me nothing … Not even a card! Well, screw him! 😁

    It’s overrated anyway! *long sigh*

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  2. I have always hated Valentine’s day! Why show someone you love them once a year? No, prove it to me everyday! husband and I have never celebrated this “holiday” . Its a waste of money and we believe in showing appreciation everyday, not just once a year.

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