Oh my goodness.

You guys.

I’m on vacation right now. Not really vacation so much as visiting family I haven’t seen in years. And I’m already a thousand pounds overweight from all that eating. Ugh.

Me focusing on the gay porn.

Anyway. Did y’all know that the roads are so screwed up – narrower than Twiggy’s waist, to be precise – and accidents happen, left, right and center? One of my uncles was driving and then this motorcycle just whooshed in out of nowhere, and Uncle tried to brake but there was two guys in front of us, and well, we crashed. Yelp!

All of us went into a state of mad panic.

My cousin and I, who were in the backseat, got out so we could pile the guys into it and Mum and Uncle took them to the hospital. (While my cousin and I were sitting there by the side of the road. For two whole hours. Before someone came to get us.) It was all messed up. God. And terrifying.

Since I’m on vacay, I’ve been binge watching Penny Dreadful and I’ve come to the conclusion that gay porn is kinda too much. Oh man. Why is Dorian such a whore? Guy needs to die.

These two, on the other hand, just d’awwwwww.


What have y’all been doing?


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