Why is Ginnifer Goodwin so pretty?!

I’ve been binge watching Once Upon a Time like a retarded seal, clapping my hands every time someone talks about “true love” (which is about 4626255251 times in season one alone). I also realized that the concept of arranged marriages is actually very much global. And it’s not just an Indian or an Asian thing.

Here’s the catch, though. It’s a middle earth/ medieval thing. Hahaha. Indian parents are stuck with the mentality of medieval peasants! Speaking of medieval peasants, that’s what I’m gonna feel like after I’ve binge watched everything and there’s nothing left to watch.

Also, what’s up with girls acting so pricey on Instagram? Do any of y’all really care about how many followers y’all have? I’ve had people randomly ask me what I did and who I PAID to get as many followers. Dear God. I’m only just being myself on there. Unlike some people, who aren’t really what they post to be. Ugh.

Moving on, I finished my fourth book off the Johnny Reads 2016 Reading Challenge list. I read this book by Libba Brey called Going Bovine. On the flight. What a refreshing change from all the serious books I’ve been reading! How far along are you guys?

This was my Tuesday in a nutshell. Random ramblings.


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