What’s with people looking into your cellphone while you’re texting someone?

Welcome to a brand new WTF Wednesday, and today we’re talking about ish that Indians do. By ‘ish’, I’m specifically talking about my Mum. She’s cute and all, and she’s enlisted spies to watch over me (the spies being my own ex best friends that only used me – story for another millennia, don’t want this blog post reaching my Mum) and she is sweet as a peach. Yada yada.

Here’s the catch though. She peeps into my cell phone when I’m on it – she doesn’t care if I’m blogging, or texting or captioning my Instagram photos. She just peeps. This isn’t her problem alone, though. Every Indian is nosy. Every Indian over the certain age limit. We’re talking people from the ’50s, the ’60s. You get the drift.

It’s just so annoying. Ugh.

It’s not just my Mum though. My whole entire family does it. Peeping into phones. Asking who I’m texting. And if I have marriage proposals yet. And when I say I haven’t, they say it’s cause I’m a dwarf. Gah. Get me out of here. Now. Mama gotta stop looking into my phone. I’m only texting my defense lawyer. (I killed many peoples’ vibes.) Whoops.


12 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #26

  1. I don’t think it’s just Indians that’s nosy. I think just people over a certain age in general is nosy. I don’t have a phone and my means of communication is through my laptop or tablet and from time to time, my mom like to peek at my screen too. It’s so annoying!

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  2. I loved ur last punch line . I get annoyed too while I used to text traveling in a bus a person sitting beside me would peep into my cellphone . I wish I could tell him .. Man I ain’t chatting with your wife buddy.

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