I’m probably the last person to dole out advice, but hey, I’m only trying to HELP, all right? Now, let’s get straight to the point.

1. Getting followers on Instagram is easy. Very. It’s getting followers on WordPress and Twitter that’s tough. Instagram doesn’t require grey cells. Only merely, a knack for photography.

2. Which brings us to point two. Everyone can take pictures. All you’ve to keep in mind? The three C’s – Composition, Contrast, Confidence. You can turn a makeup palette into a work of art. You don’t need a good camera. For the record, I use my phone camera, which is a 13 MP one. My phone is HTC. Light/shadow is THE KEY. Make sure there is a good contrast between the foreground and the background. Play on the colors. And keep a steady hand. Or not. Blurry photos are often works of art too. Just be confident about what you post.

3. Be consistent. Follow a rhythm when you run a social media. Try to post twice a day. There’s nothing called “posting too much.” If you don’t follow a pattern, people lose interest. They think you’ve got nothing to offer. Let that never happen.

4. Use your resources wisely. Now, I don’t have a white board. I don’t have ring lights, or a professional camera, and like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna share my secret. The flatlay photos I take of my everyday makeup against the white background, for example. The background is just a white, matte cardstock. I place it on a shoebox, next to the window, where the light is best. Try taking photos in the morning – diffused light is the best lighting, and the best filter, as opposed to the burning midday sun or the nighttime. Watermark your photos like I’ve done so nobody steals them and reposts them without permission.

5. Pick a theme. Lifestyle is your safest bet. Post food photos. Shoe photos. Sunsets. Sunrises. Selfies. Your outfit of the day. Cars. Pets. Books. Hell, even your feet in cute socks. Just make sure it’s nothing TOO personal, because nobody needs to know who frequented the loo how many times. Let’s all be clean and realistic.

6. Randomly like and comment on the posts that show up when you tap the 🔍 button. The more you like and comment, the more people notice you.

7. Use hashtags. Click here for the hashtags you need.

8. Find a good, clean, shout out page that stays away from nudity. Here’s a heads up, most admins will ask girls for naked photos, so make sure the page you’re going to get featured on isn’t run by perverts.

9. Engage with your “audience”. Try to reply to as many comments as you can. If someone is blowing up your notifications, head over to their page and do the same. Who knows, you’re gonna make new friends!

10. Here are a few don’ts – Don’t check DMs. Don’t post naked selfies. Don’t engage in group conversation. Don’t promote anti-anything (Nazi, Politics etc.)

Bonus tip: Make sure you show the right amount of skin, if you can’t help it. Nobody likes the full Monty. Or tacky booties that are barely clothed – basically don’t run a page people can’t check out when with family. Know what I’m saying? Sexiness is perfect, just don’t make it whore-y. And try to keep a variety. You get more followers if you post a good amount of content.

Did this help? Got more questions? Hit me up on Twitter and Instagram! I’d be happy to talk.

And to all my American friends that got caught in the blizzard, I hope you’re all okay.


33 thoughts on “Getting Followers on Instagram

      1. Lolz this wordpress is going to cost me. Ill just use the website…btw how do i look for new pages….i cant find the tags…is it like the hashtags we use on instagram?

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      1. I always look at your Instagram profile and feel like if i comment will you ever reply.
        Have so many things to talk about. Any other way to contact ? Erm, Young and curious. A lot.

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