SO. Republic Day, huh?

Parade. Hyperexcited little kids. The candy. The jalebis. National holiday. The national anthem blaring out of speakers. Everywhere.

The question is, why the faΓ§ade? Nothing has improved. Sure, we’ve all got good phones, we all dress like whores and call it “style” and sure, hanging out means going to the mall and buying Dolce. We all have all of this. Superficiality. Pretend swagger. Pretend everything.

Balls to this country. No scratch that – balls, to the people.

How are we supposed to function, when we can’t start small? What do I mean? I’ll tell you. Nobody can stay in queue. Nobody follows traffic rules. Our prime minister could scream himself hoarse, going on about a cleaner India, but ain’t nobody gotta listen. Trash everywhere. Hell, my own mother once tossed out a whole entire pizza through the window, right into the backyard. I can’t even.

Our country produces the most number of movies in the Goddamn bloody WORLD, and we’ve still got the WORST economy. The value for money? Super low. All the talented people run away. Migrate. To the States, the UK. Because they get paid a lot there. Our country is dying of brain drain, y’all.

Ooooh. Some serious rant right there. By the way, I did go watch the parade. And I did rock the colors of the flag.

Happy Republic Day, Indians. Behave.


46 thoughts on “Republic Day 2016

  1. I will not agree with you on most of the things you have. Instead of ranting about the pessimistic thoughts that are prevailing, look at the solutions which you can offer to the problems. I’m struggler and I’ve failed many times just because I belong to the general category but that doesn’t mean I’ll start blaming because that will not change anything. If I’ll keep on struggling I’m sure that I’ll succeed someday.

    Benjamin Franklin once said ‘ any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn. And most fools do’
    This is very much true for most of the Indians but not for all. We just complain and complain.

    I’m not calling you a fool but you are a skilled blogger who can express much better than I do so please try to come up with the innovative solutions Rather than focussing on the problems. Don’t be like those all criticizing Indians.

    You think nothing has changed. Let me share some stats with you. In 1947, only 10% literacy was there, now it has crossed 70%. It’s not a magic. There might be only few but people do work honestly, Day and night to make our nation a better country.

    You just need to believe. You think nothing has changed. You are completely wrong.

    About the traffic rules, you might been to many countries but as per the reports most of the rules are breaked in European and other western countries.

    Also, if we have the worst economy then how did we survive the great depression of 2008. When thousands of people in the so called developed countries lost their jobs and hundreds committed suicide, their nation wasn’t able to save them. India is a developing economy. So we need to work in a positive manner. Please correct your stats.

    Yes, I definitely agree with you on the brain drain thing. I also wrote an article – country calls over it. But I believe in my country and its people.

    I.understand. we need to work like hell to change many things but still I believe in my country.
    And miracles don’t change the world. The small acts that we.daily commit does.

    Don’t be so negative because it will only hurt you.


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      1. Hope is always there. If you have time I can send you the link of an article about rebuilding dreams. You can start a new journey.

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      2. Yes, I haven’t read. One of my friends is a very good singer but she was forced by her parents to opt for engineering and she did that. Today , she is doing business after graduation. It’s pretty cool. Sometime we don’t get what we want so when we know we can’t change anything, we should adapt else fight. Because if we are helpless, we just need to give our best in whatever we are doing.

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      3. Oh! that’s a sad thing to hear. But is there might be some way for you. You are independent woman as you mentioned that you are a doctor so you must stand you. Or are you still dependent on your parents ?

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      4. Okay. Now a little story, I’ve understood.
        But still a very talented person is in you. It’s no butter, but I believe in you as a fellow Indian. Now you are a doc. See, it is something you did not chose but I know it will be difficult but you are really serving the needy. Secondly, you write amazing so try to focus on something like say, for example, a story.
        I’m no one to give any advice nor I can do so but still if you may try, life ain’t that harsh. Just go like you have been till date.
        Lastly, I’ll only say that this time you are not able to raise your voice but try to change this thing, it will help you.

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      5. I was not bashing you. I like when people are happy even if they are unknown. I just found that you are capable of doing much better things if you remain positive. That’s it.
        Sorry :), if I sounded offensive.
        You can check out about the feature in my blog post now.
        Then if you feel like participating just ping me at

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  2. Do you get the day off? If so, bonus. I love how India (and many other countries) have so many holidays. I don’t know if it is because USA is such a young country with little history or because we are workaholics, but we have so few holidays and even fewer that we get off. Its so maddening for people like me that are just lazy and want to work as little as possible.

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      1. Check it little miss India….. we get Mindy kaling/priyanka Chopra …..two sorry ass actresses to take up prime time?….. now we’re made to suffer!!

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