...and I start here; THIS POINT ----> .

A brief history of 31 years.

31, Muslim, Married, Living in Saudi Arabia. Family from India. Wife from Zimbabwe. 0 Kids and a thousand pieces of dreams slowly merging and lowering the count.

I’m a renewed reader who had ‘left’ reading for about 10 years.

Yes, that happened. i read a total of 3-4 books between ’06 and ’15

Restarted reading on a flight back between Hong Kong and Dubai when the entertainment system bored me and i had bought a book on hand which i had bought as a gift for my sister.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.

My favorite book.

My favorite author.

My favorite book related memory.

I got HOOKED for 4 hours on the flight. This was June 2014 during the Football worldcup.

I reached Jeddah (home) and didn’t continue reading because i had no bookmark to mark where…

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      1. Hey, ive posted….im just wondering one thing….how do people who follow me know i have posted something? I mean is there like a timeline or something including people that i follow, so i know someone has posted? Like on the usual social sites?

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