Don’t you just hate the weather? It’s moodier than a pregnant suicidal cow at this point.

I realized I hadn’t done a WTF Wednesday last week. Wednesdays aren’t screwing themselves over anymore. Damn. No wait, something DID happen. My mother threw water over this dude that happened to be peeing right in front of our house. Oh my goodness. The things she does sometimes.

So my ShopAndBox haul came in last night. (After three weeks of wait that seemed to last forever.) And here’s the funny part. This was the second time I bought a Becca – a brand that makes amazing illuminizors for the face, for those of y’all that might be wondering – highlighter and it came broken. Which is funny because nothing else in the box was broken. Forget broken, nothing else even had a scratch on them.

What the actual fuck.

I’m beginning to think Becca has a personal vendatta against me. It’s either that, or the highlighters are extremely fragile. Do you ever feel like things have a vendetta against you?


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