Trying to show off my nails here.

So this is the eleventh book I read for the Johnny Reads 2016 Reading Challenge.

And just because I’m shallow and I go by looks, I was drawn to Ten Tiny Breaths. Whose looks? Trent Emerson’s. In my head he looks like a dimpled cross between Dave Franco and Matt Bomer. Don’t judge. I got this from reading the back of the book. First 30 seconds.

And Kacey Cleary kinda reminds me of me. Except well the kickboxing part. And the uh, sex part. The only time I ever kicked something was a chair and it bloody hurt. And forget about the uh, sex.

Moving on.

Ten Tiny Breaths was originally self-published. The author, K. A. Tucker did a really good job, bringing the car crash scene come to life. That’s yet another book I’ve read this year that involves a car crash. (The only difference is I actually liked the other book, If I Stay, better.) It tells the story of Kacey who loses most of her family in a car accident, when a drunk driver crashes into their car. Ooh, and the other car has one survivor too, Cole Reynolds, who – scared out of his wits and drunk – climbs out of the passenger seat and runs away.

Once you start reading this book, however, you think to yourself, “Damn, the author really wants ME to feel the two lead characters’ sexual tension.” This Trent Emerson dude. Smouldering hot piece of blue eyed and dimpled arse. Wait. Why are ALL the characters supposed to be good looking? I want to read a book that has a man with neurofibromatosis as the lead, and that he falls in love. And is loved in return. I want a book that has a Greek God fall for not a Greek Goddess, but a plain Jane with exophthalmos. Writers gotta stop writing out too much perfection. Look at what Disney did to me and my hair expectations.

Uh oh, I deviated way too far from the topic.

Back to the book itself, some of the characters are pretty interesting. You have a extra buxom stripper called Storm who falls in love with a Police Officer. A club owner called (wait for it) Cain. It’s pretty predictable though, the book. Halfway through it you totally realize what’s happening. That Trent is Cole. That he changes his name. And “fixing” Kacey who uses kickboxing and mindless sex and shutting people out as coping mechanism from the PTSD, becomes his own way of dealing with HIS OWN POST TRAUMATIC STRESS. Lovely.

All sarcasm aside, it has a beautiful love story too. It made me cry. Don’t judge. Again. I actually really liked it too. I know I’m being weird and contradictory.

Should you read this book? Yes, if you’re looking for a light read and want to finish a series. There are four subsequent books.

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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