I have eyelash glue in my retinas. I’m not even kidding. I bought three pairs and now I have glue gunk all over. After ten attempts to apply the stupid things on my eyes, I gave up. Lashes and me weren’t meant to be. So while I was Bioderma-ing the fuck out of my face, I thought I’d check Instagram because I have a giveaway going.

Of course I couldn't find appropriately sized scissors. Story of my life.

Speaking of giveaways…

…I’m gonna get straight to the point. How hard is it to hit the subscribe button on YouTube? One tap. One tap is all it takes.

A fellow blogger on here, whose reading challenge I’ve been doing regularly, wants to get serious about YouTube. I’m talking about Johnny Reads. And nobody will help him. I know most of y’all don’t even care. But come on, guys. He’s got a giveaway going. He’ll ship anywhere, too. Just go show his YouTube some love. And if we can help him reach his target, why not? We’re all here to support each other. Right? That’s what this community is all about, isn’t it?

This is also why I’ll sometimes give nice people shout outs on my page. Competition is good, so long as you’re not being a pain in the butt about helping people. One thing, though. It upsets me to see that everyone – including me – has to use giveaways just to expand their platforms. Whatever happened to “help me, and I’ll help you”? Disappeared. Into thin air. Ugh.

Speaking of giveaways, since I reposted John’s picture, I’ve had people tell me they’ll subscribe to him only if I pick them as the winners of my own giveaway. The hell. And half the people won’t even follow rules. I’d mentioned “no giveaway accounts”, but all I’m getting? You guessed right. Every bloody giveaway account ever. I can’t even tell who’s fake.

(If you’re planning to host one, make sure you don’t encourage rubbish comments.)

To enter my giveaway, click here.

To enter John’s giveaway, click here.

Also, apparently today’s Teddy Bear Day. I watched both the Ted movies, just to honor stuffed bears. Hooray. Also, tell me how to work lashes? I’ve watched Jaclyn Hill’s video and it didn’t help. Should I get pricey lashes and pricey glue? TF do I do?!

Go follow him! Now.


12 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #28

  1. Did you use tweezers to put your lashes on? And you have to wait for the adhesive to get tacky or it creates a mess. Start on the middle then work the sides that’s what I do. Oh and a helpful too apply your mascar first!

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