The title is super misleading. I’m not doing any walk of shame. I don’t have after sex hair, ever. It’s merely the name of the star of the show, this lipstick called Walk of Shame, by Charlotte Tilbury. Go on, laugh. To think I’d use Walk of Shame in a Valentine’s Day Get Ready With Me. *snort*

Before we start with the look, I’m gonna quickly talk about the Charlotte Tilbury matte lipsticks. While it’s true that each of my Urban Decay ones happens to be super moisturizing for a matte lipstick, I really like the CT ones too. Specially how the bullet looks, it’s slightly squared out at the top and makes application so much easier. And they are so creamy and beautiful and the packaging looks so old Hollywood glamzy – I love! I’ve got two other colors, Very Victoria and Glastonberry and I love them both as well.

Now, Walk of Shame is described as a “berry tinted rose” and it’s perfect – it’s a beautiful MLBB shade on me, without being too berry or too pink or too nude. Very uh, romantic, I’d say. Except for the name. Ignore the name.

Now, on to the look!

1. As usual, start with a primed and moisturized face. Also make sure you’ve primed the lids and set them with translucent powder – you don’t want your date to think you’re getting wrinkles. (Even though dudes barely notice such stuff. Moving on.)

2. Fill in your brows. I was trying to go in for natural, full brows but I tweezed out too much. Oh well.

3. Eyes: I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, trying very hard not to smell it too much. I used Satin Sheets in the inner corner and as brow bone highlight. Mocha and Bordeaux in the crease. Café au Lait and Sprinkles mixed together, on the lid. For the outer ‘V’, I used Black Currant and dragged it across the lower lash line, using a light hand.

4. Wing it and coat your lashes with mascara!


For the rest of the face, conceal the spots and under eye areas, you know – your usual steps – and then use a bronzer to contour the hollows of the cheeks slightly. Don’t go overboard, we’re keeping the face soft and glowy. I used the Beach Bunny bronzer by Too Faced. For foundation, I used the Cinema Secrets Pro Foundation Palette, series 300.

Use a pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. I used Radiant Magenta by Hourglass.

Highlight the tops of your cheeks, the tip of the nose, the Cupid’s bow. I used Stole The Show by ColourPop.

Finish off with a MLBB shade of lipstick. I used, obviously, Walk of Shame. That name, though.

Here’s the finished look.


Do share your Valentine’s Day looks with me! And what do y’all think of mine?


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