Thank F*ck that ish is finally over. I had a date. With the parents. How lovely. (Not.)

The worst place to hang out with your parents on Blahlentine’s day is possibly the mall, when you were supposed to just go on a road trip. Canoodling couples everywhere! Not just canoodling, more like “get a room!” I think I might have gotten bumped by ten selfie sticks, accidentally stepped into the frame of some couple’s selfie, and what not.

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the straps on my shoe happened to just snap off. So basically, I spent Blahlentine’s day with parents, single as f*ck, in one and a half shoes. #blessed.

The only upside to the “road trip”? My makeup did not budge for twelve whole hours! The latest new launches by Tarte, their Lip Paints, are amazing. I hated them at first, because they remind me of the NYX ones, since they transfer. BUT I realized they wear beautifully, and it’s only the top layer that comes off. (Does anyone want a review?)

My Valentine's Day #MOTD.

I obviously had a book on me, like always, and it saved me when my parents were talking Politics with some old friend they ran into at the stupid mall. Did I mention I hate malls? And crowded places in general?

Sorry about the blurry background, but this book is amazing. I read it twice.

Oooh, and even though I don’t do temples, this was too pretty to pass up. So I took a picture.

A pretty Jain temple we came across.

And Baby was amazing.

How was YOUR uh, Valentine’s Day? Who else feels like this ish is overrated?


40 thoughts on “Oh Woe, Blah-lentine

  1. I love the car and LOVE the look. Very much wanting to give the Tarte business a try but, we’ll see. I go bare naked lips most of the time. As to my Valentine’s Day, I spent most of it having a cry-baby tantrum mood swing which came to a head with tears and incessant babbling about someone not noticing my nails. Then I recovered, we ordered P.F. Changs, watched a movie and fell asleep. Fun, right? lol

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