Disclaimer: I’m not throwing shade, y’all, but all of this stuff actually does happen.

1. Sending random girls DMs and asking them for a shout out. This has happened to me like a million times. Random girls out of nowhere just act all nice and sweet and beg me to shout them out. Like, why?

2. Follow. Unfollow. Back and forth. Seriously? You don’t like me, don’t keep following and unfollowing. That ish is annoying.

3. Obsessively stalking other girls. Specially the ones they hate. Or are jealous of. It’s a whole different level. (I’m guilty of this one.)

4. Posting 372526151 pouty faced selfies. Like, their page has photos of them puckering away to Palestine. And nothing else. You’d think their orbicularis oris muscles were all shot in the head. Why TF do girls pout?!

5. Sending nude photos to people. Ugh. The only nude photos I ever show people happen to be of certain eyeshadow palettes.

6. Running giveaway accounts. Sure, everyone likes free stuff – but a giveaway account? That’s creepy.

7. Leaving horny comments on random hot guys’ photos. *cringe*

8. Trying to upstage other girls. And on a public forum too. Who cares what my eyebrows look like? I don’t. Why should you? Unless my brows were pricklier than a cactus and stabbing you in the eyes. Literally.

9. Having crappy content and expecting people to follow them. No.

10. Wrecking people’s relationships. This is the worst way to get attention. And these girls keep at it. Ugh.


56 thoughts on “10 Stupid Things Girls Do On Instagram

  1. Can I add one more? I will anyway :p ‘big’ account spammed my posts and commented…i replied and liked a few back…they might have thought I’ll follow coz they showed interest in my account…well, guess what, I didn’t and guess again…they blocked me! #win?

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      1. Maybe someday. I am still grappling with the idea of using Twitter. Perhaps twitter is the cause of attention deficit disorder. I mean, 150 characters? It is short attention span theater. 🙂

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