I think Chopín died and became every OFRA lipstick, because these guys just glide on like a symphony. Excuse my overly dramatized comparison, I’m just in a uh, musical mood today.

Before I start rambling, let’s jump right into the review.


This limited edition set of four lipsticks retails at USD 39. (I got mine from Beautytales.in.)


These guys come in a cute little drawstring bag. Each lipstick comes in a clear tube with the logo printed on it, and a silver top. The whole thing weighs 8 grams (27 fluid ounces). The applicator is standard doe foot one. It’s not flexible, like say, the Stila ones.


The four shades that are included in this set are –

Atlantic city, a classic red with a blue undertone.

Venice, the boldest color here, a vibrant orange red. Almost an exact dupe for the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Anna Nicole.

As you can see, they look almost identical.


Santa Ana, a beautiful berry rose.

Paris Rendezvous, a coral pink exclusive to this set.


Here’s how they look swatched on my lips.

Whoops. Excuse the typo. *Rendezvous


They’re definitely on the mousse-ier side, again, as opposed to the thin liquidy formula that you see in, for example, a ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip. They’re thicker and more moist than the Tarte ones.

I did noticed some inconsistency. Santa Ana had a thinner formula than the other three.

Application and wearibility:

These apply beautifully, but uou need to go back in with the applicator a couple times for a nice opaque finish, since it doesn’t pick up too much product. But, once you’ve got the lipstick on, it’s pure Zen.

They do transfer, but not as much as the Tarte ones. Also, they wear beautifully, even Santa Ana. They are moisturizing, and because they never fully dry down, they won’t tug at your lips, or even flake. Win win!

Avoid oily food because oil will by default, remove any liquid lipstick. 


4.5/5 because the tubes were small. I want more!

Would I recommend them?

Heck, yes! Go get them. You NEED. Plus, OFRA is cruelty free and vegan so they never harm bunnies. My favorite shade? Paris Rendezvous. It looks like a romantic chick flick on me..😍


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