2016 is going by way too fast for my liking. Can you belive that February is over already!? The last few days have been really hectic, what with the constant sightseeing and eating and well, getting tanned. Gosh, you guys, I’m so tanned – it’s definitely a heatstroke-d version of me blogging about this ish – because it’s totally caused my brains to evaporate.

*OMG LEONARDO DICAPRIO FINALLY WON THE ACADEMY AWARD!* Cue happy dance and twerking. And he dedicated it to global warming!!!!!! OMG I love that guy!

Did I mention I saw Shaan and Usha Uthup live in uh, concert? And did I mention that I’ve never seen a more talented bunch of doctors? The only downside? Dad and Mum were a lot embarrassed because I haven’t post graduated in ophthalmology. That’s okay though, right?

I’m happier than a pig in a pool of ish because well, I’m eating a lot of fro-yo and getting poofy – but I also happened to meet a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a million years!!! We did take a selfie, but I look like a blobfish and she looks like a sexy wacko, so I won’t post it. You know. Girls, selfies, whatever.

I gotta start reading again, because I haven’t been reading lately. Ugh, I’m so far behind on John’s challenge! I’m gonna read To kill a mockingbird, because it’s beautiful and it’s so sad that Harper Lee passed away.


Oooh, and I lived in sneaker wedges almost the whole of February.

How are y’all doing? My favorites post will be up tomorrow, and hopefully my blog will get back on track too. So stay tuned!


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