I am SO sorry, y’all, for not posting last week’s WTF Wednesday. I’ve got a solid reason, you see.

I’ve got a severe summer cold and it’s really hard to think when half the time I’m trying to stop le brains from dripping out through le nose. *sigh* I’m totally rambling. I wanted to apologize, move on, talk about today’s WTF moments – and I’m stuck here using Kleenex as nose tampons. Go figure.

Whoops, that last tissue just wiped off my tip-of-the-nose highlight. Yikes!

Speaking of which, someone asked me today why I don’t wear makeup that makes me look ‘made-up’. And why I post only one kind of selfies. I don’t think I can explain to morons that a) I hate using my face like Picasso would use a canvas – I’m more like Joshua Reynolds and prefer the natural thing and b) I have only one face, and one source of good lighting, with zero access to prosthetics which means I can’t magically grow Maleficent (?) cheekbones and horns to match. Ugh!

Which reminds me. My BeautyBlender grew mold. RIP. I’ll have a post up on Thursday talking about this beautiful sponge bae (a person, not poop, and yes I hate that word) refers to as the Makeup-y Pink Egg.

Also, I have hickeys. On my feet. From the time my sexy feet had sex with even sexier shoes. Who knows how to predict if you’re gonna end up with shoe hickeys after a one day stand? Welp.

How do you deal with iffy shoe hickeys, anyway?


57 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #30

  1. Ahhhh I hope you feel better!! I’m sick too 😦 ughhh. and also lololol “shoe hickeys”–brilliant! Yet I have no ideas on how to deal with them, although I get them too–sorry I’m useless!

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  2. I hope you recover soon.

    I would fall over and never get up again if I had to wear heels. My feet are trashed enough as it is from ankle sprains.

    I’ve never worn makeup, though I did once draw abstract lines on my face with chalk pastel and take selfies. War paint, ya know.

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  3. Nowhere can the pressures of the youth bulge be felt as profoundly as in India. Every month, some one million young Indians turn 18 — coming of age, looking for work, registering to vote and making India home to the largest number of young, working-age people anywhere in the world.

    Already, the number of Indians between the ages of 15 and 34 — 422 million — is roughly the same as the combined populations of the United States, Canada and Britain.

    Evidently you people mass produce just from breathing…..joke

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