Guys that I’ve dated never understood why a “Makeup-y Pink Egg” happens to be so vital to every makeup look. And why it is so loved and hyped up.

Thing is: Is it worth the hype?

Yes. Most certainly, yes.

It is actually egg shaped, well, if eggs had pointy ends. And were squeezable. And were adorable as ever.

How much does it retail for?

USD 20, and it does come in set of two and with a cleanser, for USD 40 at Sephora.

How do you use it?

You’re supposed to wet it and squeeze out the water and then use it in dabbling motions to blend away the makeup. It works great with everything, both cream and powder products, and you can even use it for that technique drag queens call baking, which is so very “in” these days.

How do you store it?

You’re supposed to wash it as soon as you’re done with it, and let it sit on top of the container it comes in – soon as it dries, it’s gonna pop right back in.

Make sure you handle it carefully, because THESE GUYS GROW MOLD if you just leave them in Ziploc pouches without having let them dry properly.

With all the other BeautyBlenders out there, how do you know which is good?

A good BeautyBlender is easily squeezable. The more squeezable it is, it will perform better.

Once you realize you haven’t been careful and the sponge is going moldy, you need to throw it away. You don’t want a bacteria convocation on your face!


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