It takes a whole lot of courage to speak about things like this. Specially, like Matthew Santoro says, if you’re male. It’s not okay. Not for anyone.

Take some time out of your schedule to go watch this. And remember, if you’re being abused, in whatever way, tell somebody. Abuse is something you don’t have to tolerate from someone you thought was your whole life.

Thanks, Faroukh, for telling me about this.


27 thoughts on ““Tell Somebody!”

      1. Same on my side, I know a lot of people but that i can call friends and confide…. that´s another thing. Actually having people that you can call friends are very few and far in between in this life

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      2. It is a tough life out there, but on the flipside i do believe there is good people out there, not perfect, but overall pretty good and i do give people a chance maybe sometimes too many chances but once they cross me then it´s over, and really it eventually ends bad for them, as well as me too

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  1. The world is teeming with female narcissists and abusers…their impact on the lives of the people they abuse is devastating. Yet, most people think of men when they think of sociopaths and abuse. Because all narcissists are alike in that they will shamelessly exploit every advantage; the female exploits our culture’s gender stereotypes. A post like this one helps everyone.

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