So I came across the following video:

Whoa. Instagram husband!? I want me one of those. Moving on. Wait. I’m not really serious. I’m mostly just kidding. But, seriously though. Bwahahha. Okay. I’m calm. We can talk now. Instagram husband, huh? Did you guys watch the part where the girl goes, “Babe, highter?” Oh. My. Effing. Holy begonias! So funny!

I know I’m supposed to feel sorry at this point, because imagine having to delete all the apps off your phone just so there would be more room for your significant other’s potential Instagram photos, but oh God, that Trey dude is hilarious! I’d have had a freaking aneurysm if I were him. Walked out of the relationship, maybe. After dumping a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream on their head.

…my heart goes out to all the human selfie sticks out there, stuck taking photos of cute girls in their lives. (If only I could be genuine at this point!)

Do y’all have an Instagram somebody? How would they react to this video?


26 thoughts on “STFU Saturday – Human Selfie Sticks?!

  1. Bwahahhahhahahahahah I almost died laughing. I think I fell down from bed . oh myy.. They got used to it eventually and titled themselves Instagram husband.. And somehow I think u will find someone like that too.. I mean who can take selfies with ur makeup kits.. Sis u r amazing

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