I once had a roommate in college that refused to get her mustache done. She was proud of it, she said, because it reminded her of a Harry Potter character. And this conversation happened on a Women’s Day.

I didn’t understand what she meant – at that point I couldn’t place where a mustachioed female character even showed up in the series.

Then she cared to elaborate. “Marjorie Dursley.” Wait, what?! “Marjorie Dursley. Aunt Marge. She’s the reason Harry ACTUALLY gets to have an amazing holiday that year. If she hadn’t gotten blown up by Harry, this story would never have happened. I’m never gonna get rid of my mustache because she gave us such an amazing plot.”


Why the mustache?

“‘Cause Marge has a mustache to rival Uncle Vernon’s! Rival! It’s a woman matching up to a man! Could you be any stupider?”

So all through college, she wore her mustache like a proud Vietnam War survivor’s badge. And also because she said she was a feminist. She refused to shave her legs either.

I admire her guts.

Happy women’s day, folks. Do y’all have any funny feminist stories to share? Please do tell.


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