My HTC Desire 816 lived a really rather long and fulfilling life, y’all. 

Too bad it had to die. Did I mention I hate blogging from the computer? It is so inconvenient for me, because A) I am a midget and the laptop weighs me down, and B) i am way too used to my phone’s autocorrect function and predictive texts.

A bit of details on how the phone died? My mum murdered it, actually. She saw me Instagramming at breakfast, got real mad and hurled it at the wall -where it fell, face down, and breathed its very last. I was in shock for a good twenty minutes because well, all my photos and drafts and music happened to be on that phone. When will parents realize how important blogging and stuff are super important to their kids? My mum never gets it. She now wants me to go buy a new phone. I don’t want one! I want my old phone back.

I am so depressed. Even watching Dumb and Dumber did nothing for me. Sometimes I want to rip holes in all of my mum’s Chanel purses. Who’s with me?




43 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – RIP, Phone

  1. My deep condolences. Nobody should have to witness their own phone die. And I have to agree that it was kinda extreme on your mum’s part. Well parents are parents I guess.
    On an other note, don’t you have all of your photos auto backed up to Google Drive?

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      1. You liked the comment so fast – I hit send and selecting back and you liked it. That’s fast. Wish, my internet is that fast. 😛

        I think I might have to unfollow you. 😛 Just kidding. Sorry in advance but why, why why!?

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