I’ve been into a lot of “indie” brands lately. And to be honest, I feel like these brands pay a lot more attention to the ingredients, they listen to their customers and are mostly always vegan and cruelty-free.

Today we’re talking about the Girlactik lip paints. It took me so long to get my hands on these, it’s nuts.


These retail for USD 23 each, which means they’re slightly pricier than the other liquid lipsticks on the market. Except maybe for the Stila Stay All Day Liquid lipsticks which retail for $24 a piece.

I got mine for INR 1950 each, from Beautytales.in.


The outer box is really pretty, with the Girlactik logo printed on the side, with a little cut out slot which lets you see the color of the lipstick tube inside. The tube itself is a sleek frosted one with a pewter top. It comes with a standard doe foot applicator.


Aren't they beautiful?

Each tube contains 7.5 mils (0.25 fl oz) of product. Which is a good amount of product really, and you can justify the price. To give you a fair comparison, each of the Kat von D ones contains 6.6 mils, the Lime Crime ones contain 2.6 mils each, the Stila ones contain 3 mils each and are priced at $20, $20 and $24 respectively.


The Girlactik ones and the Kat von D ones.


The two colors I own are called Allure and Demure.

Allure is a muted medium brick red, a dupe for the Kat von D Double Dare.

Demure is a muted medium brown, nearly a dupe for the Kat von D Lolita.



These lipsticks have the one of the best formulas out there. They are velvety, moussey and glide on real smooth. These don’t flake and you can even layer them.

Application and wearability:

They are super pigmented, super opaque and feel weightless on the lips. The cool thing about these? Only one application delivers solid, opaque color. You don’t need to dunk the applicator in midway through your application. They also dry really fast and last a very, very long time. I got a straight eight hour wear out of these guys.


5/5 – SO GOOD!

Would I recommend them?

Go grab some now! They work on every skin tone, too.


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