Mean Girls wasn’t just fiction, I suppose. I saw a million of them on Instagram.

Be friends with someone because you want to. Not because you have to.

Never trust a dude that wears more makeup than you do.

Boob tape is a lifesaver.

If a woman is being nice to you, relax. It doesn’t mean she’s gonna PMS soon and release an emotional ninja.

Always use hand cream. It’s all in the touch.

Weekends suck mouldy bananas. It’s a trap. You’re never gonna get out of the workday trauma.

Over lining your lips isn’t gonna make a man stay if his heart ain’t in it.

If you hate how s/he kisses you, you’re gonna hate the way s/he makes love to you. Don’t bother, run.

Yep. Family is everything. Suck it up. 

Tell me a few of your favorite home truths in the comments section.


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