Okay, disclaimer. For the lack of anything better to blog about, I’m gonna bombard you with my stupid dating stories whenever I draw blanks. We good? Good.

Back in 2009, when I was in the fourth semester of med school, I met this dentist dude. Should have run without looking back. I didn’t. I was an idiot. Nothing new. And then this girl from my class and this other dude and the dentist dude planned a trip together. Disaster. I said yes when they asked me. Should have run. I didn’t. I was a cow. We went to Goa. My first time going somewhere with people who weren’t family. I was 18 and I had no clue people would act like complete and utter loonies over there. Anyway.

So the trip was okay. 

God knows how on earth I managed to fall for the dentist dude. We even *cringe* held hands on the bus back home. God knows where those hands had been.  And you know how young love goes. I was – I cannot stress this enough – stupider THAN FOOT WARTS and probably hungover from second hand alcohol and high from second hand weed smoke. Just FYI, I’ve never done drugs or gotten drunk – when I say second hand alcohol I mean all the times he snogged me with the taste of booze that refused to go away, still on his tongue. Revolting. 

And he wasn’t breathtaking either. He probably had tuberculosis, now that I come to think of it. Wow. I was really blind. 

And second hand weed smoke?

Turns out he was a pot dealer. And a stalker. Ugh. 

That was the LAST TIME I ever dated anyone from the same city.


37 thoughts on “The WORST Dating Story, Ever

  1. Your a damned enigma little miss India….. are You bright? Do you like to kiss?….what do you want to kiss?…. do you defer to ignorance?…IE a lack of information?… are they stupid already?…. have you common sense?…. but,do you like kissing? And what, whom do you like kissing…. do you seek partnership or just fledgling emotions? Can you provide direction/wisdom…or are you content for a male?.. do you have carnal desires??…. just what in hell is it that you want to kiss?!!….

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  2. Haha!
    I was thinking about a dating disaster I had when I was younger the other day then though ‘I wonder what he’s doing now?’
    I wonder what the dentist dude is doing now, haha

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