Remember how my beloved HTC died last week and I had to replace it because it was well and truly dead?

Turns out, once you’ve gotten used to one brand of phone, it’s super difficult to switch to another. I’ve used HTC for as long as I can remember and this new phone feels like a southpaw to me! (I bought Samsung A8 by the way.) Like how am I supposed to deal with speakers at the back?! And the home screen is so weird. My whole world feels like it’s gone upside down. I know, I know. I’m being overly dramatic. And I know I should have gotten another HTC but this was the only one that fit my budget. *sigh*

Have any of y’all used this phone?

In other news, half my extended family happen to be on vacation and they never told me. So while I’m battling my way through PMS and a ginormous cesspool of germs, they’re all eating steaming hot dumplings and throwing snowballs at each other and having fun. And here I am, dealing with torn epithelium and conjunctivitis and what not. I have the meanest family in all of history.

It’s true!

One of my Uncles is so uh, nice, he makes Uncle Vernon look as docile as Saint West with that baby face.

I need a vacation. Again. Now!


26 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – New Phone Update.

  1. Awww !

    I had Samsung some 3130 model, keypad mobile.
    I used HTC for 3 years, Wildfire. It was sweet.
    I have Moto E now, I love it too.
    I have iPad for fun.

    I believe, every device has its own charm and once you get involved with them, the attachment naturally grows. I would love them for what they can do, then what they cannot.

    Moto E – bad cam.
    iPad – Weird and hassle to connect with other devices.
    HTC was a charm – but very very less memory that KitKat couldn’t fit in.

    Loooks like I am going to have a small post here. Anyway !

    about other things in post – I have no freaking Idea.

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  2. I used to love Nokia as I had it till 12th standard. Then,when it was time for college,and new phone,ofcourse, Nokia had degraded so much, I can not even begin to explain.
    Then came Xperia T2. I love it. I can not seem to complain about anything,really. And, as is your dilemma, I dunno if I will be able to handle any other one. I am just so used to it.*sighs*
    Hope you are coping fine what with the loss and shit.:|

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  3. We’ll go on a vacuum and post sassy pictures and let your family do the envy ish. I promise. Once i grow up and get into a college I’ll meet you and we’ll go on a trip. *drooling with over excitement*

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