I know it’s supposed to be the luckiest day of the year but luck and I? We don’t exactly see eye to eye. You see, if I were at the North Pole, my luck would choose to travel to the South Pole. On Jupiter.

That being said, I had a really great morning. For about two seconds.

Have you ever thought you’d shower in a jiffy and then rush to work? And then been attacked by the Goddamn hot water? And ended up being scalped to half death? That’s what happened. And then my lovely toaster broke so I had to leave without breakfast and halfway down the road I realized I’d was wearing my bathroom slippers. Lovely. Just when I thought things wouldn’t get any better, I ran into this annoying uh, person, who always insists on inviting herself to dinner. 

This day could not get any better.

On the bright side though. It totally gave me something to blog about. I think I should start a TF IS HAPPENING TO ME Thursday. Which will totally be as popular as my WTF Wednesday series that y’all (I like to think) can’t live without.

Is anyone doing any reading? I’d like some book recommendations, please. Also, happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all.


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