First off, thank YOU Cara Delevingne for bringing the full brows back. But by then the damage had already been done. I was 17 when I started tweezing my brows and this salon lady once plucked them to oblivion and my brows never grew back since.

..also, woman crush everyday.

That being said, let’s start with the basics.

Once you’ve got your brows tweezed and plucked and all the other torture methods we women put our brows through are done and over with, you might wanna fill them in.

Here’s what I like to use:

1. The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz. I use dark brown. Which is a couple shades lighter than my actual brow color. If you were to use the same shade as your brows, they’d end up looking flat and dimensionless. If you’re blonde, pick a color a couple shades darker than your actual brow hair color. If you’re someone with dark brows, pick one a couple shades LIGHTER.

2. Dark Brown eyeshadow. I use the shade Colombia by Cargo cosmetics. It is a perfect matte dark brown and it doesn’t have a ton of fall out. You may use a Dipbrow pomade – I stopped using mine because it dries out and makes my brows look too drawn on for my taste.

3. Angled liner brush. Any flat angled liner brush would do, as long as the bristles aren’t too soft. 

4. Clear brow gel. This will set your brows in place and keep them from budging. I like to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel. If you don’t like this one, you could use any other alternative, as long as your brows don’t feel like chips. The Body Shop makes a great one.

5. Concealer. I like sharp bitch brows so I always use concealer to clean up the brow bone area. It also highlights slightly and makes the brows stand out. 

While filling the brows in, make sure you start with your left brow first if you’re right handed. And vice versa. You don’t want this:

Pinterest got THAT right.

Here’s how you fill in brows:

1. Use the spoolie to brush through the brows and tame the stray hairs.

2. Using your brown eyeshadow on an angled brush, start working your way from the head of the brow to the tail. Don’t go over the brow margins or you’re going to end up with sharpie brows.

3. Fill in the head of the brow using the brow wiz. Make little vertical strokes to give the impression of brow hairs.

4. Clean up the brow bone area with concealer. Blend.

5. Use the brow gel to set your brows. Voila!

See the difference?

Do y’all think I should start a YouTube channel? It’s difficult to explain brow routines in a blog post but I tried my best. 


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