You know the excitement you feel when companies reach out to you asking if you’d like to collab? Well, it’s never happened to me before – not until, very recently.

The CEO actually reached out to me on Instagram. I nearly bust a lung, y’all. I mean, I’m just this doctor that blogs on the side. Given a choice, I’d do this full-time, but you know. That being said, let’s get straight to the point.  

Blinglane sent over this cutesy pair of earrings that I picked out. I don’t like stuff that’s too big or chunky because I don’t like jewelry getting in the way.

Just. Look. At. The. Packaging.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how amazing their packaging is, shall we? I’ve bought stuff off a lot of websites but they never make sure, not really, that the stuff inside stays intact and doesn’t break. Which Blinglane does. They also send over a little Thank You card and another card that comes with tips on how to take care of your jewelry and their contact information. 

I chose these simple yet elegant and classy pair of earrings because working women need something eye catchy without being too much and turning into eyesores. The earrings are well made and they’re not flimsy, which is amazing. Plus they look great on.

Just how pretty are they?

Do I recommend checking out their website? One hundred percent. (And not just because they sent stuff over.) You won’t be disappointed. AND THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE! Check out their Instagram page too, because they always have amazing giveaways going on all the time!


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