I’ll be the first person to admit I’ve never liked blushes until lately. And now I kind of have an obsession. There’s something about corals and pinks and peaches that successfully takes your look from “dead zombie” to “in the pink of health”, literally.

It’s important to know your undertones while choosing the right blush. I’ve talked about undertones here.

While you choose foundations and bronzers with the same undertone as your skin, with blushes you do the opposite. If you’re warm toned, you pick a cool toned blush and if you’re cool toned, you pick a warm toned one. If you’re neutral, you can rock most blushes.

If you use a blush that happens to have the same undertone as that of your skin, it would totally make your face look too warm or too cool, and that’s how you look over made up. And you don’t want to look over made up. 

Here are a few examples:

Warm toned – ColourPop Tongue Tied.

Cool toned –  Lorac Pro Rosy Glow.

Neutral toned – NARS Orgasm.

My favorite blush would have to be NARS Orgasm. This blush is so universally flattering. Also, Hourglass makes some amazing blushes. I love Radiant Magenta. What are some of your favorite blushes?


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