So Instagram is apparently changing. Big deal. I change my lipstick thrice a day. Why does everyone have to make such a fuss over what the people at Instagram decide? 

My feed is filled with self-declared classy people posting this:


Now my question is, if you’re so classy why would this change affect you in any way? And why would you ask people to turn on notifications – I totally believe they’ll do it if they genuinely like you. And nobody gives you the right to tell other people what to do. The whole begging thing makes me cringe. Like, seriously. 

Whatever happened to dignity?

I follow over 300 accounts. If I were to turn on the Post Notifications for each one, my phone would go off every nanosecond and end up in a coma. I refuse to turn your crap on – I’ll do it only if I like you. Genuinely. This whole thing has made me lose respect for so many people it’s not cute.

I swear. So Goddamn annoying.


19 thoughts on ““Turn On My Post Notifications!”

  1. “Turn on” is turn off. I’m just concluded that the people who ask others to do this are insecure and feel like no one will like their pictures anymore and are scared their likes won’t hit 11.

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  2. I don’t know how to react this. I need to ask myself , am I capable enough to react to such once in a lifetime event(best tweet,best post) that will change the world we live forever ? I don’t think so.

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