So the cousin and I went shopping. Women have an obsession with all things fancy, including the πŸ‘™ – hold your fire, this little snippet of TMI is crucial to the story – but my girl is more than just obsessed. She hoards them.


So we went to the mall and then she spotted her favorite πŸ‘™ store EMPTY for the first time. We should have run then but no she just dragged me with. I’m horribly shy when it comes to buying πŸ‘™and I always do it online because having a bunch of weird salespeople measuring you out and having you try on a million bras isn’t my cup of tea.

Being a germophobe is a life hazard. 

While she happened to look through the shelves looking for πŸ‘™ that called out to her like the Snow Patrol Song, I spotted a giant cockroach on one of the shelves. I must have jumped one foot in the air. Eeeeeeewww. Anything cockroachy shouldn’t EXIST in a πŸ‘™ store, right? I know everyone has needs and maybe the little roach guy wanted some action but what was he thinking? He needs to find a roach-undie shop.

Did the roach unfaze my cousin? Or even the one single solitary sales girl manning the shop? Not in the slightest. Turns out they’re both used to being er, roached. The obsession is real and true.  I’m never going in there again.

God knows what germs could be breeding in there. Roaches. Roaches, I tell you!


21 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Never Again!

  1. I know of a girl, who is a scared of roach and I know how high you might have jumped. When there is a roach, everything stops until it is out right ?

    I am sure you will N.E.V.E.R E.V.E.R go that shop again πŸ˜€

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