Indians are the biggest and the most hard-core racists in my opinion. If that weren’t true, companies wouldn’t be bold enough to go strong with the huge number of “fairness creams” out in the market today. 

I know India was this English-dominated society once where the whites wouldn’t let the “natives” board trains and mix with them. But that was over in 1947. It pains me to see how the Indian society still follows that weird concept really staunchly. And it’s made even worse by the fact that Indians are the ones discriminating amongst themselves based on color.

So what if a girl is tan? Apparently it’s still a crime. We have stupid ads that sell products like Fair and Lovely – you see a girl get a job after seven days, the job she was denied in the first place, after having used this miracle cream that gave her a whiter skin tone.


And everyone seems to be okay with it. There are actors that support these ads. Like, seriously? Why?

And God forbid if a girl is unmarried past 25. And is – as they say – dark. There’s no end to it. Relatives and neighbors swoop down upon her like birds of prey, torture her skin with pills and potions and stuff just so “a good boy” will come take her away.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we have reality shows called Savdhaan India where they show rich tan dudes get murdered for money. Aaaaaaaand now we have fairness creams for men. Go figure. 

The world is ending.


And y’all thought Trump was racist.


27 thoughts on “All the Crap We Endorse

    1. We are Racists by definition and we have that in our DNA.
      The schools, the texts, the media, the glare, the TV everything that we are living with in India, makes us a defaulter of being racist.
      It is implicitly a part of how we think.

      For some may have it profoundly while others mildly
      For some may show it outwards while others may have inside them
      But there is a part of us, we is racist for sure.
      Not necessarily, in a bad way or trying to make someone feeling bad about the color of skin, but they get conscious ! I have seen kids of 3-5 years, talking and being conscious about skin color !

      In Short YES, I don’t know about the world out there, but where I am, it literally s**ks !

      Miss Little Tiny Giant has a great point in all her rants !

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      1. It is ground up issue !
        It is not flavored in the nature, it is in the mindset framing, done from the childhood, to abolish or fix, it needs to be solved from ground, teaching kids to understand that. Not like teaching racism, but remove all the racist influence, which is very difficult, since we have already come so far.

        I think it is not such a big issue yet in terms of someone trying to hurt, but there is a lot of b*tching that happens and the gossiping. Sometimes people get hurt mentally and psychologically. Check my post on is that looks what matters.


  1. Is that “fairness” cream for real?! I am shocked! It looks like a photoshop job to me, but joking aside, you have to question why people feel the need to take such extremes to look lighter? The media, I guess. It’s very sad. People should be able to embrace the colour they are without being told what is and isn’t desirable! Bullcrap, indeed!

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  2. It’s so sad! I was discussing this the other day, I have a friend who is a model she’s Spanish and gets really annoyed as editors always lighten any pictures of her, our other friend is Chinese and says it’s the same for Chinese girls they wear make up really pale and do what they can to look more white!

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  3. Apparently, the ‘fairness’ trend is not just in India but in many Asian countries. It’s like people are never happy with what they have. Tan skinned people like to be fair and fair skinned people love the tan look or the ‘exotic’ look as many people like to call. One of my friend in India was very pale skinned (think fairer than Kareena Kapoor) Poor girl used to be called a ‘ghost’ in her school days. She was so self-conscious that she used to apply foundation a shade or two darker than her skin tone. There is no win-win situation for anyone I say. Madness.

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  4. And here in Canada I was made fun of when I wore shorts because I was so ghostly white that I stopped wearing shorts for years! Now that I’m a bit older, I don’t care and wear shorts as soon as the weather is warm enough. (Meanwhile today it was so damn cold I had to dig out my puffy down Cora and still froze my ass off waiting for the bus!)

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