Last week I did  a post on 10 medical-y things that DO freak me out and Paul (from The Captain’s Speech) asked me to do this post, so here goes.

1. The money. It’s really good. Even though Indian doctors make peanuts. 

2. The scrubs. If you ever watched even ONE episode of Grey’s Anatomy you’d know that scrubs look – for a lack of better word – cool.

3. The sex appeal. Look at this guy. Just look.

4. The respect. You know people look at you with a lot more respect when you tell them you’re a doctor. Not bragging, just talking from experience.

5. The stethoscope. Something about this contraption makes me feel happy. Very. Insanely. Inexplicably.

Points two, three and five - proof.

6. The fact that you can totally know what’s wrong with your body and try and fix it yourself. Oh yes.

7. The way patients trust you. It’s a beautiful thing.

8. The fact that you get to save lives. Doctors without Borders is doing so good.

Look at this.

9. The fact that doctors have skilled hands. At most things. Nudge, Nudge. Wink, Wink.

10. And finally, our conferences are AMAZING.


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