…for a sister blog, y’all?

Everyone keeps asking me to. Start a new blog, I mean. With makeup-y content. I’m not sure how that would work out though. There are a bazillion blogs out there and all of them have kick-butt presentation and I don’t even have a camera. *sigh*

What am I gonna do? I’m not even a makeup hoarder. How much makeup do you really need to start a beauty blog? I have way too many questions. Haaaaaalllllpppppp.


19 thoughts on “Is It Time?

  1. I think if you are really interested in makeup and beauty and it will build your audience then go for it. I think those posts tell your story on this blog. It’s a part of who you are. A side blog can be fun but hare to maintain.

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  2. If it’s something you’ll enjoy to do, go for it! The rest are excuses. You don’t have a camera? Well, does your phone takes picture and record video? Use it!
    At first, you don’t need to have money. You do have your own set of make-up, right? Use it, show how you can multiply it. How you use it everyday. Every time I see a photo of yours I think: Wow, I wish I could paint my eyes like her. Teach us how to do it.
    One important thing: there are million of beauty bloggers, that’s right. As there are millions of fashion bloggers, or marketing bloggers, or anything else. But there are anyone else like you. The best way to stand out is to show your true self. People don’t buy products, they buy experiences. People buy from other people. 😉

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      1. I’ve seen you have quite a community around Insta. You should seriously think about creating more make-up posts. If you need any help, just contact me. 🙂

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