Is it wrong of me to expect
Five minutes of your undivided attention
You say we’re together
Why don’t we ever talk
Why do we always want to kill each other
You say I’ve got no soul
You say I pick fights on purpose
You say you don’t want me anymore
I’m sick of this blame game
Sick of the vicious cycle
If we’re not meant to be
Why won’t you let you
Why can’t I let go
What you’ll never understand is
I’ve got a lot of love to give
But there are no takers. 


11 thoughts on “Soulless

  1. Woah woah woah time out…I think I’m lost. Something around here looks different. Did you get a plant? No but seriously, I like the new blog layout! And I like the poem, too! You’re a poet and I always knew it!

    Liked by 1 person

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